Crowd Member Instructions:

Crowd Question’s mission is to bring groups of passionate participants (Crowd Members) with their favorites Hosts to engage through asking questions.

Crowd Member Account:
A Crowd Member Account is used to stay up to date and interact with your favorite Host’s Channels and Events. Upon joining CrowdQuestion and creating a profile, upload a profile picture. You (the Crowd Member) can now search for your favorite Hosts, Channels, and Events to follow and keep track with what is important to you so you can ask questions or view other Crowd questions and the hosts’ answers. Link your Social Media Accounts to share questions your asked and answered questions.

Create Crowd Member Account:
The first thing you should do is Join CrowdQuestion and create a Crowd Member account. This is done by selecting Crowd / Join on the CrowdQuestion menu bar. You create your Crowd Member CrowdQuestion UserName, enter your email, and select a password. To complete your CrowdQuestion subscription you must validate your email address.

Once you have created your Crowd Member account you can click on the profile picture to change it, click on the change password button to change your password, or press the Pencil icon to change your CrowdQuestion UserName or your email.

Once a Crowd Member has joined CrowdQuestion you need to search for Hosts, Channels, and Events. From the Search menu option enter search keywords into the Keywords search box. Every search can be filtered by Channel Type. You can also search for verified Hosts only, using the microphone icon. Your search results are organized by Host, Channel, and Event. The Hosts’ Information along with the number of Channels can be seen. Channel Information as well as the number of Followers and Events a Channel has is also displayed. The Event information including the number of CrowdQuestion event participants and the number of questions that have been asked is also shown. Channels may be followed or unfollowed using the people icon and Events bookmarked or unbookmarked using the bookmark icon on the Search Results screen. There are many types of Channels, for example podcasts, conventions, and sports teams.

To see the Channels you follow, select the Channels option on the CrowdQuestion main menu. Here you can see the Channels along with their information. By selecting the Host’s name, you can view the Host’s entire list of Channels. You can also unfollow the Channel. You can view Channel Events by selecting the calendar icon. To search for a subset of Channels you follow add a keyword to the search box.

To see the Events you have bookmarked, select the My Events option on the CrowdQuestion main menu. The Events can be seen in the monthly calendar. Hover over the Event on the Calendar to see more information and click on it to view or ask questions. Below the Calendar the events are listed in an organized manner by Active, Upcoming, Past, and Archived. Event Information is displayed and you can click on the Channel name to view all of the Channel’s Events. You can also ask questions and view the additional Event Information. Private Events will be represented with red Event Names and in red on the Calendar. In order to interact with Private Events, you must enter the proper pin given to you by the Host. Event information and Event Guidelines can also be viewed by going to My Events and selecting the Question Mark icon.

To ask a Question, go to My Events and select the Question Mark icon. From there select the Ask Question button. When asking a Question for an Event with multiple speakers you can ask a general Event Question or select the specific Speaker you would like the Question to be answered by. Questions can be written format, audio format, or both.

For a written question, on the Ask Question screen, type your question. Be aware of the Event Guidelines when Asking your Question. If the Host has turned on the Profanity Filter your Question will be scanned for profane language and the words will be substituted with asterisks (*).

For an audio question, record your Question into a .mp3 file on your computer. Upload your Audio Question on the Ask Question screen. It is recommended that you type in a short summary of your Audio Question into the Question field on the Ask Question screen. This helps both the Host and other Crowd Members because they can see what your Question is about prior to listening to your Audio Question.

To view the Questions you have asked, select the My Questions option on the CrowdQuestion main menu.

To view all the Questions that have been asked by the Crowd for an Event, go to My Events and select the Question Mark icon. Unanswered Questions are displayed in order based on the question most voted on by the Crowd to the least voted on. The Questions that have been Answered by Speakers will be visible in green along with the Speaker’s name, if applicable. To see the Questions that have been answered by the Host, go to My Events and select the Question Mark icon. From there select the Answered Questions button.

Every month you have 20 Questions that can be asked for all the Events you follow. Every time your Question is voted on, you receive a Question back for a maximum of 20 Questions per month.

If your Question has not been Voted on or Answered you can Edit or Delete your question. Deleting a Question will add one Question to your Question total. You can Edit your Question by using the Pencil icon on the My Questions option on the CrowdQuestion main menu or from the My Questions screen. You can Delete your Question by using the Red X icon on the My Questions option on the CrowdQuestion main menu or from the My Questions screen.

Question Voting:
Another way to engage with the Host is to Vote for other Crowd Member’s Questions. You have 5 Votes per Event every month. Questions are listed based on the number of Votes. This allows the Host to see what is important to you. To Vote on a Question, go to My Events and select the Question Mark icon. Unanswered Questions are displayed and can be Voted on by pressing the Thumbs Up. To Unvote you will press the Thumbs Up a second time. When you Unvote you will receive a Vote back for a maximum of 5 Votes per month.

Sharing via Social Media:
You can share the Questions you have asked using your Social Media account. Connect to Twitter (and soon Facebook and Instagram) to share Questions using the My Account menu option on the main CrowdQuestion webpage. Select the Account Information option. On the Account Information page select the appropriate Social Media icon and connect. Sharing Answered Questions can be done on your list of Questions or in an Event.

VIP Crowd Member and Order Information:
Being a VIP Crowd Member allows you to ask unlimited Questions. You can also purchase additional Questions. This is done using the My Account menu option on the main CrowdQuestion webpage. Select the Order Information option. Credit card information is added using the Pencil icon. CrowdQuestion uses the Braintree Payment Processing System to enable you to use any Credit Card safely. All orders can be cancelled at any time under Order Information. You can also view your Current and Used Orders under the Order Information tab.